All Wood AM42120-DP/(4) AM96C-4 Amish Dining Set  

All Wood AM42120-DP/(4) AM96C-4 Amish Dining Set

The Galveston Dining set from our AW Amish collection is made from quarter sawn solid oak and Michael's finish. Quarter Sawn oak is made from sawing the wood at ninety degree angle to the natural line of the grain. This gives the grain the look of straight lines that flow parallel to the wood's cut producing a unique effect. Quarter-sawn boards have greater stability of form and size with less warping and/or shrinkage making it a favorable choice for customers seeking high quality solid wood furniture. The Galveston dining set is proudly handcrafted in Ohio and stained and finished in Indiana, USA.


The Amish Collection from All Wood Furniture Company is inspired by traditional Amish techniques and drawn towards using regional hardwoods and sustainable materials. We travelled to the Amish country and handpicked the furniture designs and craftsmen we think represent the best in Amish Furniture. Each piece is designed and built by our local Amish craftsmen with traditional techniques bringing together a celebration of rich heritage and decades of experience in furniture design and wood construction.

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SKU 18718
Weight 0.0000
Size N/A
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Dimensions N/A
Collection Galveston
Cover/Finish Michael's
Style Mission
Supplier All Wood
Model AM42120-DP/(4) AM96C-4 Amish