About Us


Furniture For Less was started in 1998 by 2 local people, Barry Sundlie and Darrell Hansen. With long backgrounds in the furniture industry, they decided to try and fit a niche that was missing in the Fargo/ Moorhead area.  Knowing that we were competing against long odds against the big boxes, Furniture For Less concentrated on 3 important areas.

1) We saw what commissions did to salespeople so we decided to offer a less incentivized pay program that would make for a more relaxed shopping experience and a more genuine salesperson.

2) Furniture For Less decided it would offer EVERYTHING, from medium quality to high end quality items below what other stores and the Internet was selling them for.  Today, we still spend part of every day checking our prices against the competition.  We don't wait till you find a better price and then just match it....we make sure you never find a lower price to start with. 

3) From working in the industry for many years prior to opening our new store, we noticed that stores marketed almost solely based on "turns".  That refers to how often a product sells,  making them unwilling  to offer unique items.....items that aren't in your neighbors homes.  While we carry "best sellers", we also reserve a portion of our floors to items you won't find at every box store in the country.

In it's early days that was also the entire employee list.  With 2 moves and 7 expansions, Furniture For Less now employees over 30 people and has grown to over 70,000 sq. feet in 2 locations:  Sheyenne Street in West Fargo and the Moorhead Center Mall.