The Regions #1 mattress store with over 7000 mattresses and boxes sold per year in the Fargo/Moorhead area. 

With over 40 models to choose from.
Affordable Mattresses most often used for children, guest bedrooms and lake homes at prices everyone can afford. (Queen sets from $199, with pillowtops queen sets starting at $238)
Premium Mattresses most often used in Master bedrooms where comfort and support are top priority. These included higher coil counts and superior coil units as well as beds using Gel Memory Foam and Latex. (Queen sets ranging from $399 to $999 on sale)
Luxury Mattresses including beds designed to be the ultimate in luxury but at Furniture For Less prices. Offered at a price 1/2 of what other stores including wholesale buying clubs offer them at. Super premium beds utilize the finest materials and are often hand tufted and offer side handles.
Don't take our word for it............on any of our product, simple ask us to give you all the specifications you need to make an informed decision for yourself. (Queen sets ranging from $799 to $2799 on sale) 
With NO commissioned sales staff, you will be able to relax without feeling pressure. With prices lower than the best prices offered by other furniture and mattress stores, and with the manufacturer specifications proudly displayed it makes it easy to understand why we sell almost 20 mattress or boxes each DAY in this area alone.


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